Finally the Govt acts

After having Bill English spell it out to them in big letters in a slow voice, finally the Government has admitted the problem is not one wananaga but that their tertiary policy is, to be blunt, fucked.

Trevor Mallard has said that the Tertiary Education Commission would review pricing, quality and value of sub-degree courses across the sector.

Now let’s have a little quiz:

1) When should Labour have done this review:

a) In 2001 or 2002 when the first surge in enrolments started to happen for sub-degree courses

b) In 2003 when the cost was increasing by hundreds of millions

c) In 2004 when National’s Bill English raised example after example of rorts

d) In February 2005 when even more rorts were exposed

e) In March 2005, only after weeks of bad headlines for Helengrad

2) Why does Bill English and Ken Shirley know more about what is happening in the tertiary sector than Steve Maharey or Trevor Mallard, and would Labour have ever announced a review without the Opposition embarrassing them over the issue?

a) Yes

b) No

c) Are you crazy – of course not

3) Unless you are a member of Labour Youth and answered (a) to Q2, then what does this say about Labour’s motivation?

a) They don’t give a shit about wasting $1.75 billion of our money on sub-degree courses which were not even completed, and are only acting to try and pull the issue from the headlines

b) They have wanted to review this area for years, but they have been too busy.

c) They wanted to review this area earlier, but the officials would not let them, so it is all the officials faults.

d) They wanted to say it is all the fault of the previous Government, but realised that doesn’t work anymore, so had to appear to do something.

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