Police rape inquiry

The Sunday-Star Times has had several affadavits in the Louise Nicholas inquiry leaked to them.

The quote Nicholas’ flatmate as saying the police officers had consensual sex with Nicholas, which she can testufy to as she sometimes joined in. It also touches on the fact that Nicholas has made sexual assault allegations against a total of seven officers, something I commented on a year ago.

Now of course one can have consensual sex with someone, and still have them rape you on another occasion. No-one knows for sure except the direct participants what happened. I do suspect though that it will be very hard for the Police to bring criminal charges.

Despite that, it is also clear however that the original investigation was not thorough, and that the Police handling of these issues deferred too much to protecting their own.

It will be good if the Police soon make a decision on charges, so the indepedent inquiry into the wider issues can re-commence.

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