Antarctica Photos

My parents have just got back from a four week trip via boat to Antarctica and various sub-antarctic islands. For some strange reason they forgot to take me with them, but they did bring me back a t-shirt and some photos.

For those who like photos of penguins, seals and lots of ice, I’ve attached a few below.

Royal penguin colony.JPG

A huge colony of royal penguins.

our ship in pack ice.JPG

The ship in ice. On the journey it got further south than any other ship has ever managed thanks to a change in the ice flows.

More photos after the break.

more Penguins, floe.JPG

Penguins practising marching for the next bluebird chips ad.


A mummy penguin feeding a penguin chick.


Mr Seal looking very relaxed.


The famous Mt Erebus


Antarctica coming in from the Ross Sea.


A split in the ice. You do not want to be on the wrong side when it splits off!


Penguin Sex!


Sea Lion Fight!


Gilligan’s Island for penguins.

breaking floe further.JPG

The ship cutting its way through the ice.


A great photo of Antarctica in summer.

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