Landing in Antarctica


The last 90 minutes of the flight gives you amazing views of and the sheet ice. These photos are through a small window so don’t capture the actual panoramic view, but may give an idea.

ANT0025 ANT0026 ANT0027 ANT0029 ANT0030

We landed dead on schedule, and the rear door opens up to give us our first view of Antarctica from the ground.


We landed at Williams Field. It has two snow runways. On average eight metres of snow on top of 80 metres of ice, floating on the water.


A Hercules on the ice.


And a close up of the skis they land on.


We then boarded the Terra Bus for a 20 minute trip to Scott Base.


The front of Scott Base.


And my home for the next few days. Not that I’ll be sleeping inside every night. For the next day and a half I’ll be out in the field doing training, so won’t be back on base until late Monday.

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