Getting kitted out for Antarctica


They day before we fly out to , we get kitted out by Antarctica New Zealand in Christchurch. It’s nice and warm in Scott Base (model of which is above) but outside it can range from a relatively pleasant 0°C to a less pleasant -57°C. And further afield it has been known to be as low as -90°C.

So Antarctica NZ make sure everyone travelling down has gear for all conditions.


Their warehouse has a wide range of styles and colours, so long as they are orange!


First to go on is the base layer. Thanks Icebreaker!


Then the mid layer.


Then the overalls.


Then you out on the first jacket.


Then a second jacket


And finally a third jacket. And as we were in a well heated warehouse, you can imagine how hot I am at this stage!


You also get two pairs of boots.


And a headband, hat, balaclava and neck gaiter!

Plus of course three pairs of gloves and mittens.

I am now confident I can spend a long long time outdoors without being cold. If anything the danger is overheating.

Also you need to wear much of the gear for the flight down to Antarctica – you can’t just change into it once you land. This is in case you crash. So I’m expecting (I wrote this before I landed) a warm flight over!


By chance there were some visiting huskies when I was in at the Antarctica Centre in Christchurch.


I got to play with all seven of them. Such gorgeous dogs. I want one!

Then headed back to the airport hotel for dinner and the final sleep. Was glad to find the report in time on Friday had changed from 6 am to 8.30 am. Due to leave at 11 am and arrive at 7 pm. Will blog the flight separately.

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