The debate in Parliament

It is a pity that the handling of the Orewa speech took attention away from today’s speeches in the House in response to the PM’s statement.

Don Brash delivered what is actually a superb speech. Read the whole thing if you have the time as it does paint a very clear choice.

My favourite quotes were:

“What Labour do not understand is that confiscating taxpayers’ money and advertising a spending increase is simply not good enough. You have to get value for the taxpayers’ money used.”

“The biggest risk a violent criminal faces is getting a speeding ticket as he leaves the scene of the crime.”

“The reality is that this is a Government which will drag you, via high taxes, five steps back down the ladder of success, then use your money to lift you back up three, while kicking away the two rungs above you. And then expect your thanks.”

“Part of it is that we have allowed the goodwill symbolised by the Treaty settlement process to be swamped in a riot of race-based political correctness.”

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