Warning – Rant

I have just booked my 5th flight in the last twelve hours as Wellington Airport has closed again. I swear that if I had to grab my luggage off the luggage claim one more time I will do something regretable. This is why it is a good idea that gun ownershp is restricted in New Zealand.

Travelling with a suitcase, laptop, data projector and two heavy boxes of papers is bad enough at the best of time.

I want something done. I don’t care if it is great big wind machines to blow the clouds away or a big dome over the city. Quite frankly I don’t even care if a dozen or so smaller countries disappear under global warming floods, so long as it would see Wellington Airport open.

How about some high speed trains? If they can make Auckland/Hamilton in under two hours I am in favour of them. Hell with the surplus we could even build some in the South Island also.

Anyway will find out in two hours if my 5th flight gets cancelled. Things will get ugly if it is!

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