Who is the greatest general of them all?

Peter Metcalfe has taken issue with my placing Alexander the Great behind Gaius Julius Caesar as the greatest general.

Now Peter does have a point that Gaius Julius mainly beat up the French. But back then they actually didn’t surrender without fighting.

I still maintain that Gaius was superior as he showed such absolute tactical brilliance such as the circumvallation of Alesia. He also had heavily clad legions march at amazing rates of 40 miles a day.

Also in his Gaul campaign his force of around 50,000 killed around 3 million Gauls. Not at the one time, mind you but still a lot.

Now Alexander did have an impressive victory at Issus, but not a tactically briliant one. It was more that they caused a retreat than they slaughtered them. Gaugamela was impressive also I must admit.

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