My week of meetings!

For those who think being involved with InternetNZ is all just about sound-bites on the radio, here’s my schedule for the week.

Mon morning – NZRS Board Meeting.
Mon afternoon – NZRS Disaster Recovery Planning
Mon evening – NZRS stakeholder function

Tues morning – chair InternetNZ Executive Appointment Panel
Tuesday noon – Organising Committee for March 2006 ICANN meeting in Wellington
Tuesday afternoon – InternetNZ Executive Committee
Tuesday evening – InternetNZ Member’s meeting on business plan in Wellington

Wednesday evening – InternetNZ Member’s meeting on business plan in Auckland

Thursday noon – InternetNZ Working Group on domain name dispute resolution

Thursday afternoon – chair InternetNZ Legal & Regulatory Committee

Ten meetings in a four day week is not typical luckily!

Incidentially if anyone out there cares about Internet issues, agrees with InternetNZ’s mission “to protect and promote the Internet in NZ”, supports our vision of an “open and uncaptureable” Internet, then do consider joining InternetNZ.

It is only $50 a year, and as you can see it is easy to get involved in issues ranging from technical to legal to policy. We are absolutely non-partisan and I know of Labour, National, Green and ACT supporters as members. If you want more information on how one can be involved, feel free to talk to me directly.

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