Campaign Launch for Mark Blumsky

For those in or near Wellington, keep 30 March free if you are keen to attend Mark Blumsky’s campaign launch.

It starts at 5.45 pm at the superb Embassy Theatre. We will be showing the film “Campaign”, a documentary of the 1996 battle for Wellington Central. It is a great film which captures the reality of political campaigning perfectly. I went to the premiere of it in 1997 and can not wait to see it again.

After the movie, Mark and Don will both speak for a bit.

The cost is only $20 which is ridiculously low, covering both the movie and some refreshments.

You can just turn up at the door and pay the $20. It is helpful to have an indication of turnout for catering purposes, so you can find RSVP details at this link.

Mark enjoys considerable cross-party support, so all comers are welcome regardless of affiliations. I suspect Mark may end up in town afterwards leading a meet the voter exercise through several drinking establishments 🙂

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