Terry Schiavo

The US Supreme Court has turned down the appeal from the parents of Terry Schiavo. She is expected to die in a a week or so now, from starvation.

I think Congress passing a law designed for one person was the wrong thing to do, and there is far too much politicalisation of this issue. The case has had many legal reviews, and I think politicians should not have got involved.

However I do have an unease about the whole case. If the parents and the husband are so far apart on the best course of action, I wonder about the wisdom of putting the views of the husband, who is now living with another woman, over that of the parents. And despite what Florida law says, I think there is a difference between removing someone from life support, and removing food and drink to someone who can not swallow.

NZ Pundit has a good debate on the issue.

And almost everyone agrees the best factual background is at Abstract Appeal – a Florida law blog.

Many people were disgusted at the reports of a GOP memo which highlighted ways the GOP could make political capital out of the Schiavo case. However some serious doubts are being raised about the authorship of the memo, and it may be another anti-GOP forgery. Still too early to tell, but again the blogs are asking the questions which the MSM did not.

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