Trans-gender law

I am fairly liberal on social issues, but I have to admit I am far far from convinced about Georgina Beyer’s bill which would prohibit discrimination on the grounds of gender identity.

Firstly I have doubts over the wisdom of any law which tries to legislate attitudes.

But the trans-gender issue is a difficult one. I have no problem accepting there are people like Georgina Beyer who genuinely feel they were born to the wrong gender. But also there are cross-dressers who just enjoy cross-dressing. And despite the best surgery now available, one can not change the fact of one’s physical gender assignment at birth (putting aside the rare cases of hermaphrodites and intersexuals), and I am unsure a law can compel people to ignore that fact. Obviously sometimes it is not apparent (I have met a couple of girls who you would never have known were born male) but sometimes it is very apparent, and an employer can have a real dilemma if for example their key sales manager decides to start dressing as a woman and taking hormone treatment, as it will affect customer relations.

The Government is postponing the bill, as it doesn’t want this issue to be an election one, and also reflecting it probably does not have the numbers to pass.

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