Two Jim Peron Interviews

Jim Peron has given two in depth interviews dealing to the Peters allegations. One is at and the other longer one at Scoop.

I am not the most neutral commentator when it comes to Peters, but my impression is that this has backfired fairly badly.

The media, almost to a person, are appalled, and they have been reminded that there is a very dark and nasty side to Peters. In recent times he has been portrayed as fun, a bit of a dag etc.

The link to Rodney is so flimsy, even if Peron had broken any laws which he has not, that it makes it look like what it is – a willingness to destroy someone’s life just to take a shot at Rodney. And I think Rodney has gained a lot of kudos for not distancing himself from Jim, but going in to bat for him.

I think this really does qualify as a new low point in politics. If I had to say something nice about Peters this week, the best I could come up with is “Makes McCarthy look good by comparison”.

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