Jim Peron

I was watching Parliament during Q time yesterday and was horrified to see Winston Peters once again do his old trick of making outraegous allegations against someone, to help further his political career.

Peters has a long history of making allegations under parliamentary privilege, and being totally unable to back them up with evidence. He has destroyed many a person’s reputation this way. In this case he really was just doing it to try and have a go at Rodney Hide who has blogged that Jim is only being attacked because he is gay and a friend of Rodney’s.

Jim is the Executive Director of the Institute of Liberal Values and owner of Aristotle’s Bookshop. I’ve met Jim (and his partner) through ILV, and they have my sympathy for having to endure this.

Peters said he would front up to defend his claims on TV, but as is usual for him refused to do so and the facts which are coming out show he has done his normal trick of gross exagerration, with an example being he has labelled Aristotle’s a pornography shop on the basis that 2% of its stock might be adult material. Using that as a precedent, Peters has just turned every dairy owner in NZ into “pornography traders”.

Media coverage on Stuff, TVNZ and the NZ Herald.

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