More Capill coverage

Capill is somewhat lucky that the Pope and Terri Schiavo dying has knocked his case down the news bulletins. Today’s stories include:

NZ Herald: Capill admits abusing child
Stuff: Capill’s day of shame
Stuff: Letters to the Editor
Stuff: Quotes from Graham Capill as Christian Heritage leader
Stuff: Christian political parties will be affected
TVNZ: Capill awaits sentence over sex abuse
GayNZ: The Words of Graham

Sir Humphrey’s: Rev Graham Capill
Cracker: Family Values
Political Leprechaun: Domestic News Roundup
Randominanity: A Bad Week for God
The G-Spot: So the Rumours Were True
Gonzo: Attack of the vanilla people
Big News: Capill pleads guilty to sex abuse
Peter Metcalfe: Stunned Shock
NZ News: Capill Guilty: Child Indecent Assault.
No Right Turn: “Moral leadership”
BZP: Fundamentalist building blocks

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