Words fail me

The Herald on Sunday reports on paedophile :

Before being sentenced, Capill emailed friends arguing that sex with one victim was “consensual” and he hoped to be released a third of the way into his sentence.

But supporter and Richmond New Life Church elder Chris Baigent told the Herald on Sunday that was no longer Capill’s view.

It never is as parole hearings loom.

There had been some talk his offending could be categorised as “adultery” but that was more people twisting the situation rather than any view Capill held himself, Baigent said.

I think words fail me.

Capill kept in regular touch with his wife and she and some of his children were regular visitors to the prison.

“She is standing alongside him all the way. She has kept the family going and he will be welcome back into the marriage relationship when he gets out,” he said.

“The younger children miss him terribly. They are really neat kids – you couldn’t wish for a better family of kids.”

Words fail me even more.

Baigent said that two of Capill’s older children had got married while he was in prison, which had been “really tough” for the former Christian leader who wasn’t able to attend the weddings.

And am now in stunned silence.

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