Police numbers crisis in Wellington

Dozens of crimes are not being followed up in Wellington due to a shortage of police. The Police Association says Wellington City, with about 280 staff, is about 90 short, but the Government and local MPs have argued Wellington has more than ehough Police officers.

Mayor Kerry Prendergast said the city was facing an increase in serious crimes such as violence, the serious assaults, the drug issues and a beat squad, set up five years ago in response to public safety fears and touted by Police Minister George Hawkins as a model for other districts, had been scrapped

Police unoffically confirm Wellington in 90 officers short and that on average of six jobs are not assigned on busy Friday and Saturday nights.

UPDATE: For those interested, Mark B and the local Labour MP debated the issue on National Radio this morning. If dedicated you can listen to it here. Is about half an hour into it.

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