Black Adder

Yay. Joe Hendren has details on how the BBC are considering bringing back Blackadder. Just last weekend watched almost all of Series II on DVD. Can never see it too many times.

Personally I would not set a new series at the end of Series IV, but go back to say the time of the revolution when the monarchy was overthrown. We could see him advising the Cromwells!

On the TV front there is an interesting article about how popular Bit Torrent is in Australia. The issue is that people just will not wait eight months for the latest episodes of a series, which has started showing elsewhere in the world. I agree that the future lies in offering TV episodes for download for a small fee, once they have screened in the US or UK. I think the vast majority of people woud be happy to pay a fee to get a copy of the TV programme. The one thing they won’t do is wait eight months for it to screen locally.

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