Tamihere on his colleagues

Radio and TV have had reports that in the latest Investigate magazine, John Tamihere says what he thinks of some of his colleagues. The PM has just been interviewed on Breakfast TV about this.

Tamihere is reported as saying that Labour panders to unions, is anti-men, and too politically correct.

He also describes the PM as being no good with emotions, Chris Carter as a tosser and Steve Maharey as smarmy.

Clark claims that it was said over a liquid lunch and is not worried about it, yet refers to the comments as defamatory.

When asked if would be back in the Cabinet, she said it was a matter for Caucus, not her. Very different to a few weeks ago when she said he would be back in after the election (if they win).

UPDATE: You must go to Rodney’s blog and read the details. He is finished in Labour. In fact he reminds me of the very bitter Mike Moore ten years ago. Also it seems JT misled the PM when he said it was an off the record long liquid lunch. The tape recorder was on the table the whole time.

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