Annoying Things I

High up the list are airports which show on ther LCD screens a final boarding call for an aircraft, and then when you get there you find that in fact the plane has not even landed yet!!!

I waited for a boarding call, and when none came, but the screen changed to final call, I ran (not a pretty sight) to the gate to find the plane is not even on the ground and delayed for an hour or so.

Complained to Air NZ staff, who agreed it was very bad, but that the airport company controlled the displays, and they had no ability to get them to correct their information. They said it was such a hassle for them they would rather switch the displays off in the lounges.

Letter to AIAL will be sent on my return!

Cathy – if you are reading this, I may be late arriving at HK. Generally though on longer distances they can make up the time.

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