Hell on Earth

Am now at Sydney Airport after a hell on earth experience at Bangkok Airport.

Left Thai Airways Lounge 5 minutes before boarding call and discovered the gate (No 56) was at the very very far end of terminal. This was around a mile away (I kid you now) so I had to run most of the way (with overnight bag and laptop) to make flight on time.

When I got there, I discovered there was some error, and I was actually meant to be at Gate 11. This was at literally the furthest point from Gate 56 possible. I almost killed myself running another mile to make the gate before the scheduled departure time (was well past the boarding time). I really did not look at all well as I finally got there.

After having near killed myself running laden with baggage for around two miles, I get on board the plane to hear there is a delay as a passenger has fallen sick and they have to take their luggage off!

Just to make things even better I left my tickets at Gate 56 and the Airport staff were not as stupid as me, and knew they could not get them down to proper gate in time. So am just going to have to bluff my way on the Auckland to Wellington flight without the ticket. Shouldn’t be too hard I hope.

Anyway will hopefully be home in a few hours. God I hate flying and airports.

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