Billboard No 2

The next in the series of National’s billboards appears to be up. I recall when we had the 100,000 strong online beaches for all petition someone made the comment “Beaches are for Kiwi, not just for Iwi” and that theme is reflected here.


And yes I know in theory the beaches are still in public ownership, but the Government’s legislation has granted many of the rights of ownership to Iwi, and substance over form tends to be more important.

Hat Tip: Aaron Bhatnagar

UPDATE: I am informed the billboard design Aaron has, and which is copied here, is not identical to the one actually being used by National. Will clarify once details are known, but I understand there is no “Iwis”

UPDATE2: I have now checked things out and can confirm that the billboard shown is not authorised by the National Party, and in fact no billboard is up yet. There are significant differences between the one above, and what will go up. Not my role to reveal details, so suggest people wait until they do go up.

A good lesson for all of us here (including me) that just because you see it on a blog, doesn’t mean it is correct. I saw it on another blog and assumed it was correct, but this was a wrong assumption. Apologies to those involved with the advertising material for the campaign, for any confusion caused.

And for those who think that this was not just a foul-up but a deliberate plan to leak a design, test reaction, and then change it based on the reaction – I can assure you that is not the case. We’re not that clever 🙂

I will put up the actual billboard once it is published, and you can then all comment on that, rather than what turned out to be a red herring!

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