Election Dates

Philip Temple proposes in the NZ Herald that the election date in NZ should be fixed, like it is in Germany and the US.

I agree with Philip, for a number of reasons.

The first is that I love the idea of replacing the negative no confidence motions with the requirement for parties to propose and get majority support for an alternative government. This would be especially welcome to flush out parties like NZ First who are great at opposing everything under the sun, but far less partial to declaring what they will support.

Another positive aspect is that it would do away with the insane situation where candidates have a 90 day spending limit, yet an election can be called with only 23 days notice so hence they may be two thirds of the way through their spending period without knowing it.

Also beneficial would be an end to the mindless speculation on election dates.

And last but not least it would mean no more winter election campaigns 🙂

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