Just throwing money at the problem

Labour has never met a problem that it doesn’t think it can solve by just throwing lots of money at it. Hence the massive increase in expenditure and taxation in the last six years.

They have thrown $3 billion more at health and $3.3 billion more into education (the wananga thanks you for your generosity). So what do the public think of these portfolios under Labour?

Well only 16% of NZers think education has improved under Labour and 44% say it has got worse. And for health 18% say better and 38% worse. A dismal failure in both areas.

The best spin Mallard can come up with is that the survey is of all NZers, not just of parents with school children. I’d bet a lot of money that it would be even worse amongst those parents.

The poll shows that tax has rocketed to the the second highest issue of concern. The 2005 budget is going to soon get its own dictionary definition under own goal.

UPDATE: I win the bet. A Colmar Brunton poll shows only 27% of parents have confidence in the value of NCEA.

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