Labour Party Head Office anonymously posting

There has been a vigorous discussion on Aaron Bhatnagar’s blog about Tamihere and cats.

A poster called “Jared” threatened Aaron and said “aaron why don’t you shut up. I’ll gladly give you my name and number. Perhaps you can return the favour and give me your physical address so I can personally pay you a ‘visit’ and we can discuss this issue man to man, or rather man to little boy. My name is Jared and 250 1015. Give me a call and I’ll gladly make time to SYHI”

Jared posts from an Xtra Auckland address.

But then an anonymous message egged Jared on saying “And well said Jared”.

Aaron noticed the IP address of the last comment was which a reverse lookup reveals is the NZ Labour Party Head Office.

I would not have thought they really want to be known to be egging on someone threatening physical violence against a blogger.

Note this is all based on the comments in the thread at Aaron’s. I have not inspected the log myself.

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