Panic on Lambton Quay

I caused scenes of mild panic on Lambton Quay yesterday afternoon. A friend of mine (Megs) has been in Australia with her husband and baby boy. Hubbie had to fly back to Auckland for some work so as Megs doesn’t drive I was due to pick her and baby up at midnight and get them home to Paraparaumu.

However one needs a car baby seat to transport young Master Finlay so before they left they had left her one at AMP where hubbie works, so I could pick it up.

I duly picked it up, and then walked up Lambton Quay to the flight centre. Upon the way I managed to run into no less than a dozen people I knew, all of whom reacted with looks ranging from horror to amusement at the sight of me walking along holding a baby carrier.

The highlight was walking into the Flight Centre with the baby carrier and having Tina, my travel agent, exclaim “Oh my God, is that why you went to China?”.

I then decided not to risk walking home past Parliament, and got a taxi for the rest of the walk home!

Picture below of Finlay this morning, happy to be home.

Fin 002a.JPG

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