Police Statistics

One of the issues which has not got much coverage is the highly misleading nature of the Police statistics with regard to 111 calls.

The Government and its proxies have repeated ad nauseam that there are no issues with police resources because the police stats show reported crime is down, and that x% oif 111 calls are answered with 10 seconds.

However the inquiry reports has discovered that 3,000 calls a month actually wait for longer than 75 seconds, get transferred to another centre, and then if answered there within 10 seconds is recorded as meeting the criteria.

The report scathingly concludes “Of concern, is that this practice essentially invalidates the reported call answering time statistics and indicates that the actual performance is lower.”

Now having found out that one set of police statistics is basically false, or invalid, one does have to wonder about the levels of recorded crime. Especially as more and more police officers have spoken up claiming some crime is not being recorded, and some crimes are listed as resolved when they have not been.

The credibility of any police statistics will be suspect for some time to come.

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