A new pick-up line

Well thanks to PC World, I have a new pick-up line I can use on girls. No longer do I have to resort to “Hi I’m an uber-blogger” when impressing potential girlfriends, but I can now say “Hi I’m the 13th most powerful person in the NZ Internet”. Bound to work for me, eh!

I was in at InternetNZ today and heard hysterical laughter coming from one of the offices. They had just discovered this month’s PC World which had a ‘power list’ of the 20 most powerful or influential Kiwis with the Internet. Theresa Gattung was No 1, Douglas Webb No 2 and I was listed at No 13. My reaction was to join in the hysterical laughter. The only redeeming feature was one of the INZ staff was listed at No 19 to keep me company.

Once I finished laughing I read the article. Against my better judgement it’s included over the page. In one sense it is nice that InternetNZ is getting recognition for the work we have been doing in the last couple of years. However I’m just one of a large team of volunteers and staff, and would never ever claim sole credit for what INZ has been achieving. But it is the nature of these lists they pick people, not organisations.

Anyway have a laugh if you want to, but please do not take it seriously. I don’t, and I hope no-one else would.


Of the hardworking bunch who play a role in determining the organisation and governance of New Zealand’s internet infrastructure, the most outspoken and visionary has to be David Farrar.

As the vice president of the Internet Society (InternetNZ) his views on every-thing from antispam legislation to next-generation internet efforts carry weight.

He was a major advocate of the Internet Society’s sale of Domainz, arguing that the society’s ownership of the country’s largest domain name issuer compromised its effectiveness as an industry body.

Domainz was sold to Melbourne IT in 2003 for $2 million and the Internet Society has embarked on a revamp that Farrar played a major role in.

he also runs the country’s second most popular weblog, www.kiwiblog.co.nz, where his subject matter ranges from politics to technology.

www.internetnz.co.nz; https://www.kiwiblog.co.nz

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