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Just got this from Russell. People may want to try and watch it on CNN this weekend.

“Blogging: The Fifth Estate”

Saturday 11 June at 10pm – 11pm, Repeats Sunday 12 June 12 at 4pm – 5pm, and 10pm – 11pm

One hour, taped from World Report Conference (on May 31). Highlights of the panel discussion hosted by Michael Holmes looking at the impact and growth of blogging.
Panelists include:
Christopher Albritton, Iraq 3.0
John Aravosis, Liberal Blogger,
John Hinderaker, Editor of Powerline
Howard Kaushansky, President & CEO, Umbia Communications
Harry MacDougald, Attorney & Conservative Political Activist
Rebecca Mackinnon, Havard Fellow and Former CNN Correspondent
Chris Nolan, Editor, “Politics From Left To Right”

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