Six further charges for Capill

My God I feel sick. Capill has been charged with six further offences, and contrary to speculation that they involved adults, they actually all involve (then) children under 12 – specifically two further young girls.

The charges are far more serious that the one he has already pleaded guilty to – being rape, unlawful sexual connection, attempted rape and indecent assault.

If the charges are correct, he will be in jail for a very very long time.

Frankly the thought of anyone at all raping a young girl is sickening. But the thought that over the entire last decade while Capill was preaching how gays are sinners, and self-appointed himself our moral guardian, he was raping and abusing little girls makes me want to sign up to vigilante justice.

I actually felt a *wee* bit sorry for him on the assumption the crime he has admitted to was a solitary offence, not at the worst end of the scale. But let me tell you that very small amount of pity has been replaced with a degree of loathing that is unhealthy. I would be joining the boxer in knocking him down about now, if I had the opportunity.

And yes I know he may not be guilty of these further charges, but as he has pleaded guilty to some already I think he will also plead guilty to these.

I can’t imagine how awful it must be for the girls concerned to have had this happen, and have to keep the secret to themselves because they thought no-one would believe them against a Reverend, and leader of the Christian Heritage Party.

UPDATE: Further details in NZ Herald.

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