Pod has become my regular coffee place. Parlty because it has great coffee and great food, but also because it is within 2 blocks of InternetNZ, National HQ, Curia’s office and Mark’s campaign office. In other words in my neck of town.

I met Desperate Gorgeous Jewish Housewife there for coffee this afternoon. A 15 minute catch up went on for over an hour, as we cheerfully discussed how to best control the media and the banking system.

After just ten minutes of talking DGJH displayed her psychological training as we discussed the wasteland known as my previous relationships and proclaimed “I know your type, you need women who dominate you”. I didn’t take this as an offer, as DGJH had rejected my two offers to date of marriage (something to do with having a current husband). I probably should also refrain from marriage offers to people I’ve yet to meet!

DGJH also said I should do more within the Jewish community. The fact I am technically not Jewish (just of Jewish descent) did not seem to be an barrier to her enthusiasm. I was deemed Jewish enough though for us to swap highly offensive Jewish jokes.

Anyway a very pleasant catchup, and nice to have a new friend. Just hope me claiming her as a friend doesn’t end up as being newsworthy for NBR!

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