NBR did one of their better piss-takes of me last week. As part of a collection of e-mails paying tribute to Graham Kelly, they included:

David P Farrar: Though we never met, I was – I now realise – one of Graham Kelly’s most trusted friends. Unfortunately, his big mouth sometimes let him down and there was even a hint of sneaking arrogance in his public pronouncements. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must get back to my weblog, where I am in the middle of giving my frank opinion on a sub judice criminal matter that no one else in New Zealand except me is allowed to publish commentary on.

Consensus of said friends is I deserved that one. Incidentially people used to comment to me when I got a mention in NBR. Now they only comment when I don’t get a mention!! Personally I’m still waiting for them to realise Russell is a much more fun target again 🙂

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