My favourite conversation to date has been the one where someone asked a delegate who I was, and upon being told, exclaimed “Oh he’s the Joey Lucas of the National Party” 🙂

Incidentally I do suffer from a form of deafness (low signal to noise ratio) like Joey. Personally Josh Lyman is the West Wing star I would most like to be, while Joey is the one I would most want to be with! Well maybe second place after Donna.

Also had a huge number of candidates comment on the blog, saying they check it more often that any other place to be kept up to date on stuff. One said that he only discovered it last week and spent two hours reading the last fortnight’s worth of posts. Another confessed that half his government agency are reading it regularly (proof there is waste in the public service 🙂

Anyway the Leader’s Address is due to start soon, so better get back to the conference!

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