Tamaki Tape

The Destiny DVD has been cleared by the censor, as of course it should be. Banning speech is almost never the answer.

The irony is that the tape includes a personal attack on the chief censor, Bill Hastings. Why? Because Bill is a “self-confessed gay”. How dare a gay person hold a job! And is Tamaki a “self-confessed bishop”?

Tamaki slams Hastings for the “perverted” content increasingly seen on television. Never mind that Hastings has no role at all in what is allowed to be shown on TV.

It also ignores that any decisions of Hastings can be appealed to a board, and if I am not mistaken the board actually tend to be more liberal than Hastings in terms of what they permit under the law.

Bren has watched the DVD and has his comments on it. Also new blogger Looking in NZ comments on it.

Most of all I recommend people read Dave Crampton, a committed Christian, on how Tamaki does not speak for him, and calls for church leaders to start to speak up and reject him. Hear hear.

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