The closest election since 1981?

With what is basically the 5th of the six public polls (SST poll) confirming things are neck and neck, this is looking to be the closest election (in terms of position going into the campaign) since probably 1981.

Personally I hope Sir George Chapman is right with what he calls his fiteen year rule. Which is every fifteen years, a Labour Government gets thrown out. Happened in 1960, 1975 and 1990.

Also of significance in the poll are 69% of NZers supporting tax cuts, including 61% of Labour voters. The simple reality is one can not deliver an $8 billion surplus and claim there is no room for some tax relief.

I expect to see a few more weeks of assault on the viability of tax relief, and then there is seriously at least a 50% chance that Labour will themselves announce tax relief as a policy.

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