Saturday Conference

The final speaker on Saturday was Bill English who not only skewered Labour on education, but also clearly laid out a starkly different approach. Bill got a massive standing ovation at the end of his speech – it was literally a command performance. I would say most delegates are more excited over the possibility of getting Bill to be Minister of Education than over tax cuts.

In the evening we had the formal dinner. I am a sucker for these as I love it when everyone dresses up nicely, and this year it was especially classy. Miss Ten was literally looking Miss Twelve in a brand new dress she only purchased that day, Boblet was radiating warmth and class, Hutt Girl was stylish and sophisticated, and Naki Girl looking very unprovincial and charming in her outfit. It was a great, fun night. My hangover had even receded enough that I was drinking again.

This afternoon, after conference, one of my oldest and best friends – Tory Girl – and I are having a lengthy drinking, sorry catchup, session at the waterfront, as has been over a year since she was last in Wellington. So by Monday I think I will be off alcohol again.

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