Drinking Age Vote

The bill passed the first reading by 78 to 41 which is a lot more than most were predicting. I still doubt that it means it will go much further, but we will see.

The Drug Foundation has who voted how on this site.

The voting figures for each party were:

Labour 33:17
National 19:8
NZ First 13:0
ACT 2:7
Green 2:7
United 6:2
Progressive 2:0
Maori 1:0

It is interesting that both National and Labour were 2:1 in favour. Nice to see Don Brash voting the sensible way (criminalising 19 year olds from purchasing alcohol is not a solution).

ACT and Greens were both around 75% against. Eckhoff and Franks form ACT and Ewen-Street and Ward from Greens voting for.

NZ First were 100% in favour, which for me is proof positive it is a bad bill 🙂

The secular wing of United Future – Dunne and Alexander were against.

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