I so want to swear

Oh this is getting too much. I tell other people off for using the nazi tag unjustifiably. So I am not going to use the label health nazis, but boy am I tempted reading this article.

An Auckland University academic has proposed a drinking licence, similar to a driving licence. Jesus Christ 1984 is here all over again. Lets have goon squads of government inspectors raiding private homes to check no one is drinking without a licence.

Oh and Major Roberts of the Salvation Army – if you have problem with drunk ten year olds, then raising the drinking age from 18 to 20 will do absolutely nothing at all to help that.

Hey I have an idea. Workers aged over 60 are more likely to be injured at work, as they are more frail. So lets ban 50 – 60 year olds from working, so it reduces the work accident rate. About as effing sensible.

And Aucklanders are more likely to have big traffic jams, so lets ban people in Hamilton from owing cars.

God this issue is pissing me off, as people can probably tell. Especially as it is a myth that the drinking age was even effectively lowered six years ago. There were numerous exceptions to the law which allowed 18 years to drink anyway. The law change was a huge improvement in getting rid of the plethora of exceptions, and having one age which could be properly enforced. If it is not being enforced then blame the Government for lack of resources, not change the law again.

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