Who do you think you are kidding Dr Cullen?

Dr Cullen says that reducing the number of bureaucrats will reduce productivity.

Okay so we have had a huge rise in health bureaucrats, and no reduction in waiting lists, yes this has been productive?

We have 400 new staff in the Tertiary Education Commission, and the tertiary sector almost in meltdown with billions of dollars having gone on sub-degree courses which are over 50% not even completed.

We have huge numbers more in Education and NZQA and the qualifications system almost discredited.

Dr Cullen must have a different idea of productivity than me. I especially like his statement that any reduction in numbers would “lead to poor decisions and a waste of public money”. My God, coming from the most wasteful Government in history. $250 million to the wananaga, money for pet grooming, $15 million for a CD, $1 million for a domain name, Money for hip hop tours, golden handshakes etc etc. How did he manage to keep a straight face when saying this?

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