One of the fun things about being involved with InternetNZ, is the massively wide range of issues you get involved in. This week has been almost non-stop, and moving your concentration from one issue to another is a challenge.

Monday was reading a report to prepare for a conference call on how to do a Enum trial in NZ.

Tuesday was a (very good) meeting with David Cunliffe (IT Minister) on around a dozen issues ranging from anti-spam legislation to the Telco Act Review.

Wednesday was meeting with the DIA Censorship Office, the Classification Office and Netsafe on helping restrict access to illegal child pornography. After that had a Technical Committee meeting.

Today was a (also very good) meeting with Nandor Tanczos (Green IT Spokesperson) and his adviser on half a dozen issues ranging from open source software to creative commons to anti-spam legislation. Lots of areas of common agreement.

Then straight after that was a meeting with our legal and technical advisers to help prepare for the two day commerce commission hearing in July on the unbundled bitstream service determination. Now reading papers for a tele-conference tonight on upcoming international meetings.

Tomorrow is a full-day Council meeting and membership workshop (as in how to get more members, what should we provide to our members) plus a farewell dinner for the Council, as it is the final meeting before the AGM.

Despite the workload, I’m actually greatly enjoying my brief spell as the Acting President. As I said the range of issues is intellectually fascinating, where it can go from complex technical arguments to talks about European patent law.

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