Smacking Bill

Sue Bradford has had her private members bill to ‘ban smacking” drawn from the ballot.

The issue is a difficult one with valid arguments oin both sides. I certainly think it is worth voting to go to select committee to be considered.

Persoanlly I would prefer the law being amended to better define what is reasonable force (smacking should be, leaving permament marks should not be) rather than merely repeal the clause which coiuld create great uncertainity over what level of discipline is allowed.

I also do wish the media would be more balanced in their coverage. The NZ Herald gives two examples of parents being found not guilty using Section 59 as a defence, yet they do not mention the recent case in New Plymouth where a man was found guilty and failed in a S59 defence. This is a serious lack of balance as it kleaves readers with the imnpression that no parents who beat their children have ever been convicted because of S59.

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