Very nasty

For some weeks and months as I have watched question time, I have been very disquieted by the way certain Labour MPs always interject “take your medicine” when Nick Smith is interjecting.

Now let’s be blunt. This is Labour referring to the fact that Nick took some stress leave during his brief tenure as Deputy Leader. They do not say this to any other MP – only to Nick.

Now National has been very gentlemanly over the years about not capitalising on shall we say health issues of Labour MPs. There was an incident about a Labour Spokesperson in the 1990s which National left alone. Mark Peck’s problems were also treated with sympathy, as should be the case. This is in total contrast to what Labour are doing.

What Labour has been doing in the House is downright nasty, and they should be ashamed of themselves. I’m the last person to say the House should not be full of robust debate, and merciless for gaffes etc. But insinuating this stuff is just pathetic.

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