Don’t Panic, Don’t Panic

Laptop booted up yesterday and said the system file was missing or malformed. Ouch. And I don’t have system disks with me so laptop is in at 24 hour repair service. They think something nasty may have come in via wireless despite firewall. Hopefully all recoverable.

Anyway that is why no blogging for a while. May be another 24 hours until back online. Doing this from cybercafe. Hmmn webmail says 452 e-mail messages waiting, and that is just the non-spam!

Have heaps and heaps to blog, so expect a rush when service is restored.

UPDATE: Aaargh. Laptop is fixed and working again but cost me US$660 for five hours urgent service. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Annoying thing is I would have been 90% likely to be able to fix it myself if I had Windows XP DIsks with me – moral of story is to always travel with them in future. Evereyone back home whom I have purchased duty free for are lucky I brought it for them before I got hit with this cost!

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