The Rove “Scandal”

The US media seemed to have whipped themselves up into a lather over the possibility of bringing down Karl Rove. But putting aside the shrill hysteria from the Democrats, one has to ask what is the issue?

Joseph Wilson lied (in fact about several things) about who asked him to go to Niger. Karl Rove told the truth and said that he understood Wilson’s wife who works for the CIA sent him. Not only did he not name her, he actually found out her name from a journalist, not vice versa!!

The prosecutors have said Rove is not a target of the investigation, so the nonsense about him having broken the law and losing his security clearance is ridiculous.

Also there is the small matter that not only was Plame not undercover, but most of her neighbours and friends knew she worked for the CIA. She also had not been overseas for eight years and the law applies to someone who has been overseas in the last five years.

The way the press corps has been carrying on you’d think there was another Watergate, when in fact all that has happened is Rove told the truth that Wilson’s wife had recommended him (something Wilson denied).

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