Gasp – Water

The ICANN meeting has been pretty badly organised. In one sense this has been useful as we are hosting the March 2006 meeting and are collating a good list of things not to do.

However it means we have been near dehydrating as the organisers haven’t even got water supplied in the (hot) meeting rooms. They don’t even provide them at the tea breaks – instead you have to walk way down to the far end of the complex, where you can buy a glass of water for E1.50. And with 600 people here the queues are a mile long.

The kiwis decided to partake in some good old fashioned influence buying and Keith and I popped across the road to the shopping mall. We purchased around 80 bottles of water (only E50) and stealing a shopping trolley transported them back to our meeting room.

It is an understatement to say this gesture went down well with our colleagues. With such gestures international goodwill and peace is fostered.

Now we have a meeting room with many empty bottles of water and a large green shopping trolley parked in the corner. I am sure someone from the EU will return it eventually.

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