Translating Capill

The NZ Herald has kindly provided a copy of Graham Capill’s e-mail he sent out. I translate below:

Dear Friends

I have decided to plead guilty tomorrow morning.

Not because I am guilty you realise, just because I don’t want all the details coming out in a full trial.

The law as it has been explained to me seems so different to what the Biblical law and indeed common perceptions are of rape.

Biblical law means I can have sex with anyone I want, as I am Graham Capill, voice of God. If we lived in God’s kingdom I would not be guilty.

The fact that [name deleted] consented is irrelevant.

Hey she enjoyed having sex with me, and she was old enough to consent – she had passed Year Five with flying colours.

It is enough that we touched each others private parts – rape is then deemed to take place.

It’s not my fault eight year old girls wanted to grab and touch my dick. She overpowered me and unzipped my trousers.

Ignorance of the law or the effect of what I was doing to the girls is no excuse and so I must take full responsibility.

I had no idea it was illegal to have sex with young girls. Sure I condemned other people who did such things as a blight on NZ, but I never realised it was actually already illegal. I was trying to get the law changed so it would be illegal, and then I would have stopped. Honest.

There are many aspects of the summary of facts that will be printed in the papers or on TV I disagree with. Some will be pointed out at sentencing.

I am only pleading guilty because by doing so I may be out of prison in three years thanks to the Government’s early parole laws. If I actually got up and said it was all the girl’s faults, when I may actually end up inside for longer.

For example, I believe the girls were a lot older than the age alleged but I have no way to prove it.

Look have you ever seen an eight year old when she is dressed up and wearing makeup? She could have passed for ten on any day of the week.

Please also pray for my dear family who are very upset at the prospects of me leaving them.

Please make sure my wife doesn’t come to her senses and see she can survive without me.

You know after reading this despicable pathetic email I could almost sign up for the (ex) Christian Heritage policy of hanging him. No real remorse, no apology to the victims, and a near psychopathic focus on him, him and him.

I just can not believe anyone, let alone him, runs a defence of she consented and looked older with regard to an eight year old. And he is even too cowardly to use it in court, so instead just emails it out privately. Well done to the person who leaked it, as it led to the Judge giving him a longer sentence.

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