Labour have set up a parody phone line on 0800 366 272 (0800 Don Brash). I find this sort of stuff quite amusing and in fact for a while my voice mail on my mobile was a Labour Party hotline which gave people options to cover up forgeries etc. Some tosser complained to Parliament about it, and despite me owning the phone, I got forced to change it as my ddi diverted to my mobile.

Now Labour may change their message often so I encourage people to phone it regularly in case it varies. Also the voice quality appears much better from mobile phones. I imagine one could even have your PC dial in, and record the message so you can listen to it when you get home.

Now I am sure no-one will make unnecessary calls just because they are free. Because Helen and Trevor has assured us that students will not take up free loans of money just because they are free, and they of course are never wrong.

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