Highlights to date of Don’s speech

* The Clark Labour Government has run out of ideas. Run out of aspiration, ambition, vision or even hope. And now they have run out of time.

* Between 2000 and 2004, the income tax paid by the average household went up by 24%, almost twice as fast as pre-tax household incomes.

* One of the simplest changes I will formally announce tomorrow is in the field of tax on secondary employment. The New Zealand I hope to lead will be one where we reward, not punish, those who want to get ahead by taking on a second job. So we will change the way in which tax is collected on secondary employment. We will collect that tax at a rate below 20 cents in the dollar, unless the taxpayer asks, in anticipation of a higher tax obligation, for collection to be at a nominated higher rate.

*When a child falls behind in reading or arithmetic, we will give their parents a voucher to buy the extra tuition they need.

* I, Don Brash, will place the protection of New Zealand

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