Jim Hopkins

Heh Jim Hopkins is very funny. He has just been waving about DBP’s tennis ball and saying he doesn’t know where to stick it, but it won’t be in a mouth. The audience is pretty young for a event and no-one seemed too offended – in facts lots of laughs.

Things kick off in ten minutes or so and Don on in around thirty minutes. Those who want to can watch the webcast.

UPDATE: “I’m here because Don was too frugal to afford Judy Bailey. If you had here here for what I’m getting she’d only be able to say “Welcome, Good Day and Good Night”

“We wanted to start with a haka but the Deputy Mayor of Auckland couldn’t come”

Slogan for Auckland – “Auckland needs a real dick” and “There is no doubt we have got one”.

“Winston Peters is in the room cunningly disguised as one of Saddam’s henchmen”. “Peter Dunne wasn’t allowed in because he wanted to bring his pet worm”. “The PM is on her way here and is expected in thirty minutes – her motorcade has just passed Rotorua” 🙂

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