How not to become Premier

You’re 36, leader of the opposition, and the long serving state premier has just retired. Pundits say you may be Premier before you are 40.

However you then go to a partyhosted by the Australian Hotels Association, and do the following things in ascending order of stupidity:

* Have a quick half dozen beers
* pinched Sunday Telegraph journalist Justine Ferrari on the bottom
* propositioned Sun-Herald journalist Angela Cuming.
* and finally referred to the wife of the former Premier as a “mail-order bride”

Helena Carr, wife of the popular Bob Carr, is Malaysian born and has lived in Australia since 1965. She has been married to Carr for 30 years and runs a division of a multi-national employing 1,000 people.

So it is no surprise that he has resigned. He keeps on digging blaming Alex Hawke, the national president of the Young Liberals for his downfall. No he didn’t make you act like a pillock.

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